September 2018  
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Elected Spiritual Leaders of Our Congregation

Deacons give personal care to our congregation, divided alphabetically into ten parish groups with two or three deacons serving each group.

Parish Deacons: 


Marjorie Lininger.......Abrahams through Bea Berry plus Wendy Ray, Michael Morris, Elaine Morgan

Shirley Patton......Binder through Karen Clarke/Rich Kaplan plus John and Kathy Sager, staff

Debbie Miller.......Cleveland through Fletcher, plus Eldora Nelson

Judi Quiett.....Marion Flood through June Hall plus Sargent, D. Saunders, S. Saunders

Gail Johnson.......Hansen through Bruce and Carolyn Johnson plus Margot Ormes, Kathy Oyler

Wendy Ray.......Gail Johnson through MacLean plus Prechtel, Purcell, Purdom

Ruth Ralls.....Maddox through Moeglein plus Betty Parker, Kent and Amy Patton

Sook-Ja Hansen.....Schaaf through Street plus Shirley Patton, Payton, Quesenberry, Quiett, Ralls, Gene and Marilyn Wright

Rick Herst.......Thornton through Donna Wright plus Robison, Bill and Sue Sager


Session (governing body) members:

Elders: Jill Turner, Elaine Morgan, Linda Purdom, John Sager, Jim Holloway, John Wren, Clerk of Session, Marcia Hunter 


Elders moderating or participating on Session Committees:

       Buildings and Grounds - John Sager

       Membership – Jill Turner

       Personnel – John Wren

       Administration and Finance - Jim Holloway

Elders convening 2018 Seasonal Planning Teams:

        Spring Team – Elaine Morgan

        Summer Team – 


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